New Bike Dire Wolf Collects his Miles

the new bike dire wolf

The New Bike: Dire Wolf

My new bike Dire Wolf is finally on the road and turning out miles and burning calories. I am very enthusiastic about this bike and I am finding it fun to ride.

New Bike Dire Wolf — What I Like

Smoother Ride

I am convinced this bike does not send every bump and gouge in the road to my body in the form of vibrations. It seems like I am going slower than I really am. This also allows me to ride with more control.

It is Faster

My first ride was short and on a comparable ride a month or two ago I was +2mph. Last night my ride I broke my previous best time by 6 minutes over a 18 mile ride. I am fairly certain I can do better when I become more confident with my ability to handle the bike.

It is Quieter

Dire Wolf has less creaks and squeaks than does Ginger. Not a silent runner by any means but much better.


I find the riding so far to be comfortable and I have not had a fit performed yet. The saddle is not noticeable and so far I’ve not experience the mid-ride aches I often experience when riding Ginger. I like the drop handlebars and am slowly getting myself worked up to rest my forearms on them (up against the hoods).

New Bike Dire Wolf — Adaptations Required


The gearing on the bike is not as low as it is on Ginger, so my legs need to strengthen up. Moderate climbs I do not notice it so much, but the steepest hills I climb (which max out with portions of 15% grade) will challenge my legs, which will make them stronger!

On moderately pitched climbs I don’t notice too much difference, but I am rarely in the lowest gears for those.


I am getting used to shifting, but it is taking some work and thought. Since the rear deraileur is used more often I am getting good with that one, but the front deraileur requires thought. The other thing with shifting is I need to practice a bit more so I can get crisper upshifts up front.


The new bike Dire Wolf is way twitchier than Ginger. This means when I hear a car coming I chill a bit and focus on riding straight and steady, this also means it will take a bit longer for me to get used to riding straight-aways on my forearms.

New Bike Dire Wolf — Final Words


I need to mention Wheel and Sprocket in Appleton Not only did they provide advice and guidance on part acquisition, they also supplied the key parts and put them on and did the final assembly. The folks in this shop are not just bike merchants they are evangelists, and yes friends. Thank you! I suggest you find your local Wheel and Sprockets shop and get to know them.

What a Project

A great project that taught me more about the technical and equipment side of this sport. I suggest you take it on as well it can only help your enjoyment of riding, makes you a better cyclist, and yes can save you money (if you do it with patience).

I leave you with the inspiration for the bike’s name: The Grateful Dead Song Dire Wolf