Self Check Begin my Bicycle Crash

self check begin

I Am In, I had My Beatdown!

Self check begin.

I can breath, good; I can feel all extremities, good; I do not believe I have broken any bones, good (though, never having broken a bone I would not know what that is like); my left rib cage has obviously taken a beating, okay; fires rage all over my body, fires I recognize as skin abrasions — ROAD RASH! ROAD CRASH!

It was a good day and while my riding wasn’t as powerful as I was expecting I was starting out well, I was setting out for a 30+ mile ride to the northwest, the winds were mild, the sun out, the temperatures just about perfect. The first couple of miles were going well and I had just finished a climb in good form, but was slow to get downhill.

The village I was in had a speed check station setup and I was going slow, well under my high-score and that would not do! I started to pound my pedals but the power I thought was putting out was not changing into increased speed, just a small up and down cycling surge and as I approached the speed check life went into slow-motion and I hit the blacktop.

The crash shredded my gloves, my jersey, and my helmet was cracked. I have abrasions on my right and left (where they are the worst) and my left rib cage is sore. Since I fell to the left, it all makes sense.

Having passed a quick self check I scrambled off to the side of the road and surveyed the scene. No cars approaching but for the pickup truck coming (to my aid) in the oncoming lane. I went and picked up the bike, my sunglasses, and the errant water bottle and gather my gear back on the side of the road.

Self Check Begin — What Happened?

I dunno? However, I would guess it was me being a dork and pulling my handle bar as I was trying to increase my speed. I was not fully in the saddle and I was not off either and I was probably pulling with my arms as if I was fully off of the saddle and pulled my wheel into a full turn. I have been on that stretch of road many times including the last two evenings, nothing was new.

Self Check Begin — The Aftermath

Feels very much like my St. Patrick’s day ski crash (sans the abrasions and the ability to breath immediately after the incident). I suspect I will be off of the bike for up to two weeks.

After I overcame the disappointment of the premature end to my ride and the realization I will be sedentary for two weeks or so, I was actually overcome with intense joy. I know that sounds weird, riding into Appleton to do some shopping and run errands I had some good music on and the joy was overpowering. I took and survived my beatdown and I am initiated.

Self Check Begin — A Word on Helmets

I have NO doubt my helmet saved me a trip to the hospital, my helmet was not cracked badly but it was definitely cracked and scraped. Also, the helmet serves as a good stand-off between your face and the road, road rash is bad and I have a lot of it, but at least it is not on my face! Going fast or slow wear a helmet please. I did not even see stars!