Repairing Your Bike Tire on the Road

On my old bike I have rode over 4,000 miles and never have had a situation where I had to repair a ripped tire on the road. I have had the inner tube go flat and require either replacement or topping off with air. I have never had the actual tire become damaged due to debris on the road. This article is about the technique I used and you can use for repairing your bike tire on the road.

I was riding on a trail just West of Land O’ Lakes and I heard crackle-crackle — crackle-crackle POP! I had run over a broken beer bottle and the front tire got across okay but the rear tire did not survive.

repairing your bike tire

Stave off the Bonk and Boot Your Tire!

So I utilized a technique I read about on one of the cycling pages I follow on Facebook. That technique I learned is referred to as booting a tire. When I ride I always bring along an empty Honey Stinger packet with me. The steps are:

  1. Remove your wheel from your bicycle
  2. Remove the tire from the wheel
  3. Locate the puncture
  4. Cut the empty Honey Stingers packet to fit the hole to be patched
  5. Cover the hole up with the piece you cut
  6. Finish the replacement of the inner tube and wheel as normal

this tire boot helped me get home

See the Piece of Packet?

So now your inner tube has some protection against the rigors of the road. Note, there is not much protection, this hack i snot a repair it is a patch to help get you home. The tire needs replacement. It can make the difference between having to phone numbers of friends and waiting, bothering a stranger, and getting home on your own.

Does your “patch” have to be a empty packet of Honey Stingers? No, I’ve seen these guides suggest that even money can be used, the requirement is the inner tube is protected from direct contact with the road. Remember though, if your full tire was not up to the job don’t expect this expedient to stand up to much more than contact with the road and perhaps some minor amount of gravel.

Do you have any tips to share on repairing your bike tire?