Post Ride Ritual — Do You Have One?

Do you have post ride ritual? I do and I usually in a position to follow it. My post ride ritual serves as the reward for the effort and yes it does involve taking in calories. I know many fitness experts say to never reward yourself with food or drink but after burning 2,000+ calories (or thereabouts) I believe I have obtained some indulgences!

My post ride ritual in steps:

  • Getting off of my bike and opening up the garage
  • I stop right next to my garage door, twist out of the pedals and stop, turn off Endomondo, I then open the garage door.

  • I stroll the bike into the garage
  • set it up against the wall and close the garage door, take off my shoes, helmet, gloves, and take off my shoes.

  • Get in the house
  • This step involves more personal details which I will skip, but the end result is a weigh in and if I am lighter than my morning weight in I update my weight on LoseIt. If I am heavier than my morning weight I don’t enter it, no I have no qualms about that.

    A Key Component of My Post Ride Ritual!

    A Key Component of My Post Ride Ritual!

  • Beer!
  • I go down to the basement and grab a beer. I prefer micro-brews, but I have some beer product in the Ref too and will settle for that. As I write this I am working on a Out of Bounds Stout from Avery Brewing. Right now with the cooler temperatures I prefer heavier beers but as we move into hotter weather my tastes move into lighter beers and during the summer I prefer heffeweizens!

  • Cleanup
  • Now it is shower time, if needed. Early and late in the season I may skip this step.

  • Dinner
  • If I am riding after work during the week, it is now definitely time for dinner. Bonus points for me if I make a big salad with lots of blue cheese in it! Then the main course I generally try to make something or reheat something I have made.

  • Post Dinner and Reset
  • After dinner I do whatever cleanup needs to be done and I then proceed to work on breakfast and lunch preparations for the next day. If possible I try to work on my websites (such as this site) and perform any other such tasks as necessary.

    Tell us what is your post ride ritual?