Keep Republicans and Democrats out of Biking!

Keep Republicans and Democrats out of Biking

Keep your Ass and Elephant out of BIking!

Today in the Wisconsin Bike Fed blog president Dave Cieslewicz goes on a political rant. I beg all to please Keep Republicans and Democrats out of Biking!

I am politically aware and am on the right side of the debate. That said, I strive to keep politics out of a number of things skiing, biking, eating, drinking, and in general living. Politics is a somewhat ironic venture, politicians claim to be attempting to unite people but in reality they divide. Obviously, the state of biking involves politics because many of my cycling brethren are looking to spend public money and guide public policy in ways favorable to our cycling activity. However, once we start going Democrat vs. Republican I will be crank up the speed and join the break-away.

Keep Republicans and Democrats out of Biking! — My Wisconsin Bike Fed Membership

I have been a member for two years and currently my membership is lapsed. Mayor Dave’s rant has pushed my decision to re-up my membership further into the non-renewal camp. I generally support most of the efforts of the WBF and find most of their proposals to be of benefit to cyclists, drivers, emergency workers, pedestrians, and most other folks using Wisconsin roadways.

Despite the Wisconsin State Government being in supposed bike-unfriendly hands, the Bike Fed is working with the governor’s office and the legislature and getting good stuff passed into law.

Keep Republicans and Democrats out of Biking! — So Long this Refuge

One of the refreshing things about being on my bike is getting away from so much of life. Being able to focus on road and exclude the irritants of life, whizzing by the pond full of spring peepers in full voice, biking past that hayfield in full bloom, seeing the vivid greens of the fields and blues of the sky. Of course it is much more intense on the bike than it is walking or driving, no?

Why turn this into Repbulican vs. Democrat? Why make me choose between the sport that has saved my life and my life beliefs?

Keep Republicans and Democrats out of Biking! — Breaking Away

If the Wisconsin Bike Fed wishes to continue to down that route, then it will be done without me. I enjoyed the magazine, but not that much. I will take the money I save from renewing my membership and use it to buy some post-ride carbohydrate replacement therapy (ie. beer).

How about you? Join the break-away with me?