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this tire boot helped me get home

Repairing Your Bike Tire on the Road

On my old bike I have rode over 4,000 miles and never have had a situation where I had to repair a ripped tire on the road. I have had…

Bike Building Project

Bike Building — My Story

One thing I recommend to all enthusiasts of a sport is to get down into the details of their equipment. In my case that means bike building. I can not…

Bike Pre-Ride Ritual

Bike Pre-Ride Ritual

In my last article I talked of my ritual after I get off of my bicycle, in this article we talk of the flip side, my bike pre-ride ritual. Bike…

Biking Starts

DST Starts Biking Starts!

With the arrival of daylight savings time in the USA I now have enough time to get in a meaningful bike ride after work. Yes, it is cold out (though…

Bike Building Project

Bike Building Project

One of my many projects is a bike building project and to the right you see the first component I obtained in that project. It is a Trek 5.9 frame,…

Trek 7300

Trek 7300 My Current Ride

This is my Trek 7300 the bike I ride both on road and on roads that could very well qualify as off-road. I purchased the bike in 1998 after returning…