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Race the Lake 2014 Results

Race The Lake 2014 Results

Race the Lake 2014 has come and now the racers are recovering from the event. While I do not have the results you may find Race the Lake 2014 Results…

Registering for Race the Lake 2014

Race the Lake Nears!

Hurry up, Race the Lake 2014 nears! Get that training in, get registered, find partners to ride with. Alas, yours truly will not be racing the lake this summer as…

Registering for Race the Lake 2014

Register for Race the Lake 2014!

Recently I received the following question: How do I register for Race the Lake and how much does it cost? Good question, how do you register for Race the Lake?…


WTH Tour of Dubai Speed Bump?

After the Winter Olympic coverage ended I went over to Universal Sports and they were broadcasting the third stage of the Tour of Dubai and this race unlike the other…

Chris Horner Wins the 2013 Vuelta a España

Chris Horner Wins The Vuelta a España

Chris Horner wins the Vuelta a España — the first American to do so and the oldest man to win any grand bicycle tour race. Chris Horner Wins — Grand…